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Perceptions of Chiropractic Care Among Women With Migraine: A Qualitative Substudy Using
Julie P. Connor et al.
Published on: 3/1/2021
The purpose of this study was to characterize expectations, attitudes, and experiences of individuals with migraine who were randomly assigned to receive chiropractic care delivered within a randomized controlled trial in a hospital-based integrative care center.
Long-Term Follow-Up of Spinal Stenosis Inpatients Treated with Integrative Korean Medicine Treatment
Doori Kim et al.
Published on: 2/28/2021
The present prospective observational study aimed to analyze the outcomes of inpatients who received integrative Korean medicine treatment in order to provide evidence on its effects on lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS). Patients with LSS who received inpatient treatment at four Korean medicine hospitals from January 2015 to December 2018 were followed up.
Testing the Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation Model for Adherence in Complementary
Amally Ding et al.
Published on: 2/27/2021
The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Consultation Model for Adherence conceptualises the consultation process specific to patient adherence. It can be used to improve patient persistence with treatment by TCM practitioners and possibly other health professionals. The aim of this research was to determine the applicability of the TCM Consultation Model for Adherence in the wider complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) setting. A survey containing validated questionnaires and items developed specifically to test the model was administered online in the United Kingdom. SPSS 25 was used to perform Spearman’s correlations and Mann–Whitney U tests on the data. In total, 101 patients completed the survey. The results showed that patients having a therapeutic relationship and trusting in their practitioner was associated with overall adherence to CAM, while patients feeling supported was associated with all types of adherence to CAM.
Effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy–Child With Youth Who Have a Parent Diagnosed
Kaitlyn Bruns et al.
Published on: 2/25/2021
Youth who have parents with bipolar I disorder appear to be most at risk for developing early-onset bipolar symptoms. The current study examined how one group counseling intervention, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy–child, may improve emotional awareness and influence the family environment over a 12-week treatment interval for a group of youth aged 11–16. Improving emotional awareness and the family environment may help slow symptom expression for youth at risk for developing bipolar I disorder. Changes in depressive symptoms for each participant were assessed using a single-case research design method to help better understand the mechanisms of change throughout treatment. While results indicate changes in emotional awareness, the majority were statistically nonsignificant. Notably, participants’ perception of control significantly changed, and participants reported significant positive changes in family environment.
A Prospective Outcomes Pilot Evaluation of Inspire Now: A Program for People with Lung Cancer
Ellen Conte et al.
Published on: 2/23/2021
Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer mortality in Canada, yet patients are often under-supported. A six-week program called Inspire Now, created to address unmet supportive care needs, was evaluated in this study. Feasibility and preliminary outcomes were assessed in order to inform future changes to the program.
Evaluating Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnostic Instruments For Functional Dyspepsia: Systematic
Leonard TF Ho et al.
Published on: 2/22/2021
Pattern diagnosis-guided treatments in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been recognised by the eleventh revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11). Accurate pattern diagnosis requires reliable and valid diagnostic instruments that guide the collection of TCM clinical data without bias. This study synthesised the existing TCM diagnostic instruments for functional dyspepsia (FD) and appraised their quality regarding their development process and measurement properties.
Association of Vitamin D or Calcium Supplementation with Cardiovascular Outcomes and Mortality
Y. Zhang et al.
Published on: 2/19/2021
To exploring the role of vitamin D or calcium supplementation in reducing all-cause mortality and cardiovascular outcomes.
Conventional and Kampo medicine in the treatment of mild to moderate COVID‐19: A multicenter
Shin Takayama et al.
Published on: 2/19/2021
We present the study protocol of a multicenter, retrospective observational study that aims to investigate the efficacy of the actual treatment (the efficacy of conventional and Kampo medicines) of patients with mild to moderate or suspected coronavirus disease (COVID‐19).
Safety and Efficacy of Medicinal Cannabis in the Treatment of Fibromyalgia: A Systematic Review
Inna Kurlyandchik et al.
Published on: 2/17/2021
Fibromyalgia (FMS) is a complex condition that is characterized by various pain syndromes and fatigue, among other symptoms experienced. Current medical treatment of FMS involves both pharmacological and nonpharmacological approaches, but often with ineffective outcomes. Medicinal cannabis has the potential to be a therapeutic option for patients with FMS due to the positive research in chronic pain management. In addition, it has been found to have fewer adverse effects compared with currently available pain medications. This literature review aims at answering whether medicinal cannabis is reported to be safe and effective for the treatment of pain and symptomology experienced by people with FMS.
Protocol for The International Cohort on Lifestyle Determinants of Health Study: A Longitudinal
Ryan Bradley et al.
Published on: 2/15/2021
The specific aims are: 1) To characterize the health, wellness, and lifestyle of graduate and undergraduate students, and how these characteristics change over time; 2) To evaluate associations between lifestyle factors and gut microbiota populations and diversity; and 3) To evaluate associations between stress and stress management practices with sleep habits, quality of life, and overall health.
Analysis of Historical Changes in Traditional Chinese Medicine Based on an Indonesian Collection of
Yusheng Jia et al.
Published on: 2/13/2021
Traditional Chinese Medicine is subject to changes over time: product names, botanical ingredients, processing methods and uses have varied throughout the course of history. Historic collections of Chinese materia medica (CMM) are of great value for research on the evolvement, development and variability of Chinese herbal medicine over time. These changes may have a significant influence on the safety and efficiency of nowadays’ clinical practice. Here we investigate a historic collection of Chinese medicinal products purchased in Indonesia in c. 1870, containing about 395 specimens.
Lifestyle and Health Behavior Change in Traditional Acupuncture Practice: A Systematic Critical
Jonquil W. Pinto et al.
Published on: 2/11/2021
Behavioral factors are the leading cause of ill-health worldwide. Diet, physical activity, smoking, and alcohol consumption are the focus of public health targets on promotion of healthy behavior. The science of behavior change is rapidly growing and has largely evolved within mainstream health care treatments. Traditional Chinese Medicine includes self-care practices that encourage healthy behavior alongside treatments such as acupuncture. Exploring behavior change within traditional acupuncture could potentially highlight new techniques and approaches, and contribute to developing models of behavior change.
Institutional Library Reforms are Needed to Improve Ayurveda Education, Practice and Research
Sanjeev Rastogi et al.
Published on: 2/9/2021
Libraries have always been the integral components of the academic institutions world over. Earlier known for housing the spectrum of books permitting their ready access to knowledge seekers, libraries of current age are no more confined spaces with limited functions. With the advancing information technology, the conventional definition of a library is changing to accommodate newer roles and challenges. Twenty-first century academic libraries are extending beyond the walls of their individual institutions and are evolving as open access information spaces, dealing with intelligent sharing through social communication and networking technologies.
Multicentre Randomised Controlled Clinical Trial of Electroacupuncture with Usual Care for Patients
In Heo et al.
Published on: 2/7/2021
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness and safety between electroacupuncture (EA) combined with usual care (UC) and UC alone for pain reduction and functional improvement in patients with non-acute low back pain (LBP) after back surgery.
Stress and Coping Among Health Professions Students During COVID-19: A Perspective on the Benefits
Christina M Luberto et al.
Published on: 2/5/2021
Many health professions students experience elevated stress and burnout during their professional education and training. With the added challenges of COVID-19, students face a whole new set of stressors. Students in the Spring 2020 semester of our online academic course, “Mindfulness for Healthcare Providers,” began confronting the COVID-19 crisis after several weeks of mindfulness meditation practice as part of the course. Students discussed their experiences using the course discussion boards, providing a unique opportunity to explore the practical application of mindfulness for student well-being during a crisis. Themes from the discussion board revealed a range of novel stressors and concerns due to COVID-19 (physical health, mental health, societal implications, academic and clinical training disruptions). All students reported that mindfulness practice helped them cope by improving specific mindfulness skills (focus, appreciation, cognitive de-centering, non-reactivity).
Effects of an Integrative Mind-body-medicine Group Program for Breast Cancer Patients
Heidemarie Haller et al.
Published on: 2/3/2021
Breast cancer is one of the leading cancers in women in the Western world. Cancer treatment, especially chemotherapy, is often associated with physical and psychosocial side effects.
A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Multicenter Clinical Trial for Efficacy and Safety
Lina Wei et al.
Published on: 2/1/2021
Pneumonia is the second leading cause of death in children worldwide after preterm birth and certification. Bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma, and other microorganisms are known to be the main causes of pneumonia, of which bacterial pathogenic factors account for 12.5% of cases. The invention and application of antibiotics have improved the prognosis of children with community-acquired bacterial pneumonia (CABP) to a certain extent, but with the emergence of antibiotic resistance worldwide, the mortality of children with CABP is still high. “Maxing Shigan Decoction” and “Qingfei Decoction” have significant efficacy in the treatment of CABP in children, but there is no standardized randomized controlled trial to systematically evaluate the outcomes.
Trends in NHP Research: Prospects and Challenges of Next Generation NHPs
Cory Harris et al.
Published on: 1/31/2021
Modern Natural Health Products (NHPs) are medicinal dosage forms also known and regulated variously as Dietary Supplements, Phytomedicines and Complementary and Alternative Medicines in different countries. Related regulated food products include Medicinal Foods, Supplemented Foods, Functional Foods, and Nutraceuticals, while cannabis products are regulated separately. All of the above are derived from or inspired by natural products that have existed for millennia. Most have been developed through ancient medical systems (e.g. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda) and distinct indigenous cultures, which combine worldview, beliefs, practices, into “ways of knowing”. Others were identified or advanced through scientific discovery and biotechnology. Together, they have contributed—and will continue to contribute—to human health and economy at a global scale.
GC-MS Evaluation, Antioxidant Content, and Cytotoxic Activity of Propolis Extract from Peninsular
Wan Ahmad Syazani Mohamed et al.
Published on: 1/29/2021
Propolis has been used traditionally in several countries for treating various diseases as it possessed healing properties including antioxidant and anticancer qualities. In Peninsular Malaysia, Tetrigona apicalis is one of the species of stingless bees mainly found in virgin jungle reserves which largely contribute to propolis production. Therefore, this study is designed to evaluate the phytochemical contents, antioxidant properties, and the cytotoxic effect of ethanolic crude of propolis extract against MCF7 and MCF 10A cell lines.
Effect of Acupuncture for Methadone Maintenance Treatment Patients: Study Protocol of a Randomized
Hao Wen et al.
Published on: 1/27/2021
Opioid dependence is an increasing public health problem all over the world. Patients with opioid dependence have to receive methadone maintenance therapy (MMT) as replacement therapy for years or even for their entire life. Acupuncture as a kind of therapy has been used to treat substance dependence for many years. Jin’s three-needle acupuncture (JTN), a type of acupuncture technique, has been applied to treat various diseases for several decades. However, JTN as an acupuncture technique has not been used to treat patients receiving MMT. Therefore, we designed a randomized controlled trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety of acupuncture as adjunctive therapy for patients receiving MMT.
Telemedicine use Amongst Homeopaths and Naturopaths in Ontario, Canada
David Brule
Published on: 1/25/2021
Telemedicine, in the form of online video consultations, holds great potential for the delivery of medical care. This research aims to investigate the extent of, rationale for, and the motivations for telemedicine use by homeopaths and naturopaths. State-regulated homeopaths and naturopaths in Ontario were surveyed. Survey questions captured telemedicine use, demographic and socio-economic data, and opinions regarding respondents’ motivations behind telemedicine use. The survey, conducted between October 2018-January 2019, had 183 homeopath and 366 naturopath respondents. Telemedicine consultations were performed by 65.6% of homeopaths and 32.5% of naturopaths in the previous 6 months. There were no significant differences between telemedicine users and non-users for gender, geographical location, and age. The best fit regression model of motivational factors comprised of attitude towards telemedicine and perceived ability to use telemedicine (Nagelkerke R-squared=.281).
Changing Nursing Practice within Primary Health Care Innovations: The Case of Advanced Access Model
Sabina Abou Malham et al.
Published on: 1/23/2021
The advanced access (AA) model has attracted much interest across Canada and worldwide as a means of ensuring timely access to health care. While nurses contribute significantly to improving access in primary healthcare, little is known about the practice changes involved in this innovative model. This study explores the experience of nurse practitioners and registered nurses with implementation of the AA model, and identifies factors that facilitate or impede change.
Group Transdiagnostic Cognitive-Behavior Therapy for Anxiety Disorders: A Pragmatic Randomized Clini
Pasquale Roberge et al.
Published on: 1/21/2021
Transdiagnostic group cognitive-behavioral therapy (tCBT) is a delivery model that could help overcome barriers to large-scale implementation of evidence-based psychotherapy for anxiety disorders. The aim of this study was to assess the effectiveness of combining group tCBT with treatment-as-usual (TAU), compared to TAU, for the treatment of anxiety disorders in community-based mental health care.
A 4-Month Whole-Systems Ayurvedic Medicine Nutrition and Lifestyle Intervention Is Feasible
Anand Dhruva et al.
Published on: 1/19/2021
Ongoing symptoms and impairments in quality of life (QOL) among breast cancer survivors remain a significant problem. We tested the feasibility and acceptability of a manualized Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle intervention for breast cancer survivors.
Traditional Chinese Medicine Guidelines for Coronavirus Disease 2019
Ning Liang et al.
Published on: 1/17/2021
To summarize the evidence from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice in the treatment of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and provide timely clinical practice guidance.
Feasibility Study of a Modified Yoga Program for Chronic Pain among Elderly Adults in Assisted
Kevin F. Boehnke et al.
Published on: 1/16/2021
Yoga improves quality of life in elders ≥65 years, but studies among elders with chronic pain are limited.
A Qualitative Analysis of a Clay Art Therapy Project in Enhancing Emotion Regulation among Secondary
Joshua KM Nan et al.
Published on: 1/16/2021
The drastic socio-political unrest in Hong Kong (HK) due to the different political issues in 2019 and the novel coronavirus epidemic has drawn rising negative emotions in the society, which the demand for psychological support is soaring. As the epidemic has greatly limited the flexibility of rendering conventional face-to-face counselling, alternative therapeutic approaches are vital to combat the accelerating demand of social and psychological support.
Danggui Sini Decoction (Herbal Medicine) For the Treatment of Primary Dysmenorrhoea: A Systematic
Cuilan Ma et al.
Published on: 1/14/2021
Danggui Sini Decoction (DSD), a traditional herbal prescription, has been commonly used in the treatment of primary dysmenorrhoea (PD). We investigated the current evidence of randomised controlled trials (RCTs) and performed a systematic review to evaluate the efficacy of DSD in the treatment of PD. We registered the protocol for this systemic review in PROSPERO with the registration number CRD 42017074062 on August 10, 2017. Nine databases were searched from inception to August 2019. Eleven RCTs with 1005 patients were included. DSD was shown to have more favourable effects on the clinical effective rate than western medicine, which support the clinical use of DSD in the treatment of PD. However, considering the high risk of bias in the included studies, more well-designed RCTs are needed to further evaluate the efficacy of DSD in the treatment of PD.
Impact of a University-Wide Interdisciplinary Mind-Body Skills Program on Student Mental and Emotion
Brenna K Novak et al.
Published on: 1/13/2021
Positive effects of mind-body skills programs on participant well-being have been reported in health professions students. The success seen with medical students at this university led to great interest in expanding the mind-body skills program so students in other disciplines could benefit from the program.
Hospital Diet for COVID-19, an Acute Respiratory Infectious Disease: An Evidence-Based Protocol
Masoud Moslemi Fard et al.
Published on: 1/12/2021
COVID-19 caused a global pandemic problem. No confident management is introduced for it yet. This study aimed to propose a dietary protocol for hospitalized patients with the diagnosis of acute respiratory infectious disease caused by COVID-19 based on Persian Medicine.
Network Pharmacology Exploration Reveals a Common Mechanism in the Treatment
Yu Wang et al.
Published on: 1/11/2021
This study aimed to identify the key genes and KEGG pathways in Carthamus tinctorius L. (Safflower) and Salvia miltiorrhiza Burge. (Salvia) for the treatment of cardio-cerebrovascular disease, and to explore their potential molecular mechanisms.
Gynecologists’ Attitudes Toward and Use of Complementary and Integrative Medicine Approaches
Donata Grimm et al.
Published on: 1/9/2021
Despite patients’ widespread use and acceptance of complementary and integrative medicine (IM), few data are available regarding health-care professionals’ current implementation of it in clinical routine. A national survey was conducted to assess gynecologists’ attitudes to and implementation of complementary and integrative treatment approaches.
Do Women Who Consult with Naturopaths or Herbalists Have a Healthy Lifestyle?: A Secondary Analysis
Amie Steel et al.
Published on: 1/7/2021
Australians report consulting with a naturopaths or herbalists to improve their wellbeing, yet little is known about the associations between these consultations and the patients’ health behaviours. This cross-sectional study aimed to examine the relationship between health behaviour and consultations with naturopaths or herbalists in three age cohorts of Australian women.
Guidelines for Cancer‐Related Pain: A Systematic Review of Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Jeremy Y. Ng et al.
Published on: 1/5/2021
Although up to 85% of patients with cancer use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), they commonly do not disclose this information to their healthcare providers. Cancer‐related pain (CRP) is one of the most common symptoms among those who may seek CAM. This study was conducted to identify the quantity and assess the quality of CAM recommendations across clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) for the treatment and/or management of CRP, as this has not been explored in the literature.
Web-Information Surrounding Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Low Back Pain
Jeremy Y. Ng et al.
Published on: 1/4/2021
Low back pain (LBP) is expected to globally affect up to 80% of individuals at some point during their lifetime. While conventional LBP therapies are effective, they may result in adverse side-effects. It is thus common for patients to seek information about complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) online to either supplement or even replace their conventional LBP care. The present study sought to assess the quality of web-based consumer health information available at the intersection of LBP and CAM.
Effectiveness and Safety of Fluoroscopy-Guided Acupuncture for Subacromial Impingement Syndrome
Hee-Ra Shin et al.
Published on: 1/3/2021
Subacromial impingement syndrome (SIS) is one of the most common causes of shoulder pain, and acupuncture treatment is widely used as treatment. However, no studies have examined image-guided acupuncture for SIS. This study evaluated the effectiveness and safety of low-dose X-ray guided acupuncture (LA) in patients with SIS.
Prevalence and Predictors of Yogic Breathing and Meditation Use – A Nationally Representative Survey
Marleen Schröter et al.
Published on: 1/2/2021
Yoga practice in common usage is often confined to the physical aspects of the comprehensive practice. The purpose of this study was to examine the use of two additional aspects of yoga as part of yoga practice, i.e. yogic breathing and meditation (YoBaM). Prevalence and predictors of YoBaM use among yoga practitioners in the US general population were analyzed.