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TRPV1 Activation by Capsaicin Mediates Glucose Oxidation and ATP Production Independent of Insulin
Parisa Vahidi Ferdowsi et al.
Published on: 7/27/2021
Insulin resistance (IR), a key characteristic of type 2 diabetes (T2DM), is manifested by decreased insulin-stimulated glucose transport in target tissues. Emerging research has highlighted transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily V member (TRPV1) activation by capsaicin as a potential therapeutic target for these conditions. However, there are limited data on the effects of capsaicin on cell signalling molecules involved in glucose uptake.
Effectiveness of Acupuncture for Poststroke Aphasia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Y. Zhang et al.
Published on: 7/25/2021
Aphasia is one of the common complications of stroke, and it considerably influences the quality of life of patients. Acupuncture, a therapy used in traditional Chinese medicine for aphasia after stroke, has potential therapeutic effects. We aimed to investigate the therapeutic effect of acupuncture on individuals with poststroke aphasia.
A Traditional Chinese Medicine Traceability System Based on Lightweight Blockchain
Zhengfei Wang et al.
Published on: 7/23/2021
Recently, the problem of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) safety has attracted attention worldwide. To prevent the spread of counterfeit drugs, it is necessary to establish a drug traceability system. A traditional drug traceability system can record the whole circulation process of drugs, from planting, production, processing, and warehousing to use by hospitals and patients. Once counterfeit drugs are found, they can be traced back to the source. However, traditional drug traceability systems have some drawbacks, such as failure to prevent tampering and facilitation of sensitive disclosure. Blockchain (including Bitcoin and Ethernet Square) is an effective technology to address the problems of traditional drug traceability systems. However, some risks impact the reliability of blockchain, such as information explosion, sensitive information leakage, and poor scalability.
Cannabis Use of Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Germany: A Cross-Sectional Survey
Tanja Neufeld et al.
Published on: 7/21/2021
Progressive legalization and increasing utilization of medical cannabis open up potential new applications, including for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). This study aimed to collect current figures on the use of and experience with cannabis among IBD patients in Germany.
Yoga in Women with Abdominal Obesity – Do Lifestyle Factors Mediate The Effect? Secondary Analysis
Dennis Anheyer et al.
Published on: 7/19/2021
The reduction of obesity is an important challenge for health policy. Although dietary interventions are widely available, patient adherence is usually low. A promising alternative is yoga. We hypothesized that weight reduction through yoga is mediated by aspects related to eating habits as well as physical aspects.
Tai Chi for Health and Well-Being: A Bibliometric Analysis of Published Clinical Studies
Guo-Yan Yang et al.
Published on: 7/17/2021
The objective of this bibliometric review was to identify the volume, breadth, and characteristics of clinical studies evaluating Tai Chi published between January 2010 and January 2020. Five English and four Chinese language databases were searched. Following independent screening, 1018 eligible publications representing 987 studies were identified, which was a three-fold increase from the previous decade.
Exploring Tai Chi Exercise and Mind-Body Breathing in Patients with COPD in a Randomized Controlled
Kristen M. Kraemer et al.
Published on: 7/16/2021
In this pilot feasibility randomized controlled trial, participants with moderate to severe COPD were randomized to a 12-week tai chi or MBB intervention. Participants were assessed at baseline, 12 weeks, and 24 weeks. Feasibility, as assessed by intervention adherence, was the primary outcome. We also estimated preliminary between-group differences in COPD symptoms and health-related quality of life, cognitive-emotional function, and functional status across three timepoints: baseline, 12, and 24 weeks.
Acupressure for Cancer-Fatigue in Ovarian Cancer Survivor (The Acuova Study): A Community-Based
Suzanna Maria Zick et al.
Published on: 7/15/2021
Persistent cancer-related fatigue is one of the most common and burdensome symptoms experienced by ovarian cancer survivors. Despite the high burden of fatigue in ovarian cancer survivors, there are few available treatments. Previous research has shown self-acupressure to be a safe method for improving persistent fatigue, sleep, and quality of life among fatigued breast cancer survivors, yet there are no studies examining self-acupressure for fatigue in ovarian cancer survivors.
Prioritizing Chinese Medicine Clinical Research Questions in Cancer Palliative Care from Patient
Charlene H. L. Wong et al.
Published on: 7/14/2021
Chinese medicine (CM) modalities, including acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine (CHM), are popular palliative interventions among patients with cancer, but further clinical research is required to assess their effectiveness and safety.
Complementary Medicine Use in Patients with Low Back or Neck Pain: Results of the 2017 National
Anna K Koch et al.
Published on: 7/13/2021
Complementary and integrative medicine (CIM) including mind-body medicine (MBM) is a treatment option that has been proven to alleviate symptoms in patients with low back and neck pain.
Evidence on Yoga for Health: A Bibliometric Analysis of Systematic Reviews
L. Susan Wieland et al.
Published on: 7/12/2021
To support the research agenda in yoga for health by comprehensively identifying systematic reviews of yoga for health outcomes and conducting a bibliometric analysis to describe their publication characteristics and topic coverage.
Increasing Trend of Yoga Practice Among U.S. Adults from 2002 to 2017
Yan Zhang et al.
Published on: 7/11/2021
Benefits, risks, and the increasing popularity of yoga use warrant assessing yoga practice prevalence and users' profiles. This study describes trends in yoga practice exclusively among American adults from 2002 to 2017, compares the profile of yoga users, and identifies factors related to yoga use over time.
RIGHT for Acupuncture: An Extension of the RIGHT Statement for Clinical Practice Guidelines
Chunzhi Tang et al.
Published on: 7/10/2021
In 2017, the International Standard for Reporting Items for practice Guideline in HealThcare (RIGHT) published reporting guidelines to enhance transparency and clarity in the process of developing clinical practice guidelines (CPGs). Given the original tool was developed in 2017 and demanded in developing and reporting high quality of acupuncture CPGs, an extension with a focus on a specific reporting checklist was warranted.
Anti-Metastatic and Anti-Angiogenic Effects of Curcumin Analog DK1 on Human Osteosarcoma Cells
Muhammad Nazirul Mubin Aziz et al.
Published on: 7/9/2021
Osteosarcoma (OS) is a life-threatening malignant bone tumor associated with poor prognosis among children. The survival rate of the patient is still arguably low even with intensive treatment provided, plus with the inherent side effects from the chemotherapy, which gives more unfavorable outcomes. Hence, the search for potent anti-osteosarcoma agent with promising safety profile is still on going. Natural occurring substance like curcumin has gained a lot of attention due to its splendid safety profile as well as it pharmacological advantages such as anti-metastasis and anti-angiogenesis.
Acupuncture for Post-Stroke Cognitive Impairment: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Xu Kuang et al.
Published on: 7/8/2021
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of acupuncture for the treatment of post-stroke cognitive impairment (PSCI).
Experience of Midwives in Providing Care to Labouring Women in Varied Healthcare Settings
Marie Hastings-Tolsma et al.
Published on: 7/7/2021
Midwives are essential to timely, effective, family-centred care. In South Africa, patients have often expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of midwifery care. Negative interpersonal relationships with caregivers, lack of information, neglect and abandonment were consistent complaints. Less is known about how midwives experience providing care.
Barriers, Knowledge, and Training Related to Pharmacists’ Counselling on Dietary and Herbal
Jeremy Y. Ng et al.
Published on: 7/5/2021
Pharmacists are recognized as one of the most accessible healthcare providers and are licensed to advise patients on drugs and health products including dietary and herbal supplements (DHSs). The objective of this study was to identify barriers, knowledge, and training that pharmacists report related to DHSs counselling.
Dietary and Herbal Supplements for Fatigue: A Quality Assessment of Online Consumer Health
Jeremy Y. Ng et al.
Published on: 7/3/2021
The Internet is increasingly utilized by patients to acquire information about dietary and herbal supplements (DHSs). Previously published studies assessing the quality of websites providing consumer health information about DHSs have been found to contain inaccuracies and misinformation that may compromise patient safety.. The present study assessed the quality of online DHSs consumer health information for fatigue.
The Process of National Health Insurance Coverage for Chuna Manual Therapy in Korea: A Qualitative
Jieun Yu et al.
Published on: 7/1/2021
Chuna manual therapy (CMT) has been widely used in Korea, and coverage in Korean National Health Insurance (NHI) was finally implemented in 2019. The objectives of this study were to analyze the process of NHI coverage for CMT qualitatively, and to summarize important roles, streams, and implications regarding its inclusion in the modern healthcare system.
A Survey on Koreans’ Preferred Type of Collaboration between Conventional Medical and Traditional
Yoon Jae Lee et al.
Published on: 6/30/2021
Although collaborative treatment by traditional Korean medicine doctors (KMDs) and medical doctors occurs, it is mainly done by referral. As no survey of the general public's preference for the type of collaboration has ever been conducted, we aimed to investigate Koreans’ preferences for a collaborative treatment type.
The Effects of Meditation on Individuals Facing Loneliness: A Scoping Review
Gurleen K. Saini et al.
Published on: 6/29/2021
Meditation is defined as a mind and body practice focused on interactions between the brain, mind, body, and behaviour, containing four key elements: a quiet location with little distractions, a comfortable posture, a focus of attention, and an open attitude. We sought to review the benefits of meditation on the alleviation of loneliness.
Xuefu Zhuyu Decoction for Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: A Protocol for Systematic Review
Jiaxin Liu et al.
Published on: 6/27/2021
Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) includes nonalcoholic fatty liver (NAFL) and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), which ranks only second to viral hepatitis and poses an increasingly serious challenge to global public health and economy. NAFLD has attracted more and more attention, but there is no drugs with exact curative effects are available. The commonly used drugs for the treatment of NAFLD in clinical practice are statins, such drugs, inevitably increase the burden on the live. Compared to statins, traditional Chinese medicines are believed to be “all natural” with fewer side effects, are associated with strong patient compliance. Accordingly, a great deal of clinical studies have shown that Xuefu Zhuyu decoction (XFZYD) can significantly improve the clinical symptoms and enhance the therapeutic effect. Meanwhile, a system review and meta-analysis are conducted by us to further clarify the effectiveness and safety of XFZYD for NAFLD.
A Cross-Sectional Workforce Survey of Three Traditional and Complementary Medicine Professions
Nadine Ijaz et al.
Published on: 6/25/2021
Workforce studies about traditional and complementary medicine (T&CM) occupations in industrialized countries are scant; and, these occupations’ position within the broader occupational workforce remains unclear. This study aims to address these gaps using a comparative approach.
Evaluating the Quality of Websites Providing Complementary and Alternative Medicine Patient
Jeremy Y. Ng et al.
Published on: 6/23/2021
In 2017, there were 288.7 million global cases of neck pain. A growing treatment option for neck pain is complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), with approximately 50% of Americans seeking these therapies. Despite the popularity of CAM, patients hesitate to disclose their use to professionals, likely contributing to greater reliance on the Internet for information. The present study evaluates the quality of online CAM consumer health information for neck pain.
Identification of Common Features within Massage Therapists’ Professional Identity
Amanda Baskwill et al.
Published on: 6/21/2021
n Ontario, Canada, MTs are regulated and have a common scope of practice. However, diverse prac-tice settings and approaches to care create a need for MTs to articulate their professional identity. This study sought to answer,“what common features are foundational to the professional identity of MTs in Ontario?
Comprehensive TCM Treatments Combined With Chemotherapy for Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Zhiwei Xiao et al.
Published on: 6/19/2021
We conducted this study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients who underwent chemotherapy.
An Evidence-Based Approach for the Development of a Clinical Practice Guideline for the Treatment
Yoon Jae Lee et al.
Published on: 6/17/2021
In Korea, all traditional Korean medicine interventions for neck pain are actively used, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, Chuna, and pharmacopuncture; however, clinical practice guidelines do not exist. We aimed to develop a clinical practice guideline for treating neck pain in adults using traditional Korean medicine.
Neurotoxicity Prevention with a Multimodal Program (ATENTO) Prior To Cancer Treatment versus Through
Ángela González-Santos et al.
Published on: 6/15/2021
A current challenge in breast cancer (BC) patients is how to reduce the side effects of cancer and cancer treatments and prevent a decrease in quality of life (QoL). Neurotoxic side effects, especially from chemotherapy, are present in up to 75% of women with BC, which implies a large impact on QoL. There is a special interest in the preventive possibilities of therapeutic exercise (TE) for these neurological sequelae, and the benefits of TE could be improved when it is combined with vagal activation techniques (VATs).
It’s Not an Easy Fix: Adherence to Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy after Breast Cancer
Leah K. Lambert et al.
Published on: 6/13/2021
Adjuvant endocrine therapy (AET) is a highly efficacious treatment that significantly reduces breast cancer recurrence and mortality for women with hormone-receptor positive breast cancer. Yet, many women do not adhere to prescribed AET. The overarching aim of this research was to gain a better understanding of why a significant number of women diagnosed with breast cancer have suboptimal adherence to AET.
Interprofessional Communication—A Call for More Education to Ensure Cultural Competency
Jennifer Hunter et al.
Published on: 6/11/2021
Culturally appropriate communication between healthcare professionals and with patients is widely recognised as a cornerstone of high quality, patient-centred care. The widespread use of traditional, complementary, and integrative medicine (TCIM) necessitates that patient-centre communication and cultural competency in healthcare extends beyond race, ethnicity, and languages spoken to also include an awareness of, and respect for the diverse range of healthcare practices, paradigms, and lexicons that patients and practitioners use.
Efficacy and Safety of Chinese Herbal Footbaths for the Treatment of Dysmenorrhea: Protocol
Min Xiao et al.
Published on: 6/9/2021
Chinese herbal footbaths are an external therapy of traditional Chinese medicine that has been widely used to treat dysmenorrhea. This review aims to systematically evaluate its efficacy and safety for the treatment of dysmenorrhea.
Development of a Novel Intervention (Mindful Steps) to Promote Long-Term Walking Behavior in Chronic
Daniel Litrownik et al.
Published on: 6/7/2021
Despite current rehabilitation programs, long-term engagement in physical activity remains a significant challenge for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and heart failure (HF). Novel strategies to promote physical activity in these populations are greatly needed. Emerging literature on the benefits of both mind–body interventions and web-based interventions provide the rationale for the development of the Mindful Steps intervention for increasing walking behavior.
Vitamin C for Treating Depression in Cancer Patients: A Literature Review
Jordan Kerner et al.
Published on: 6/6/2021
One in two Canadians will get cancer in their lifetime and one in four will experience depression during their diagnosis. The cause of depression during cancer could be related to psychological, social, inflammatory or immunological factors. Vitamin C can exert an effect on oxidative stress levels, adrenal function and immune function and may have a role in the treatment of both cancer and depression.
Factors Influencing Preference for Intervention in a Comparative Effectiveness Trial of Mindfulness
Devesh Oberoi et al.
Published on: 6/3/2021
An important gap between randomized efficacy research and real-world implementation of complementary therapies is the role of patient preferences in influencing engagement and outcome. Several studies have highlighted the benefits of patient preference on health outcomes, but few have investigated the factors associated with preference for interventions, which may be critical to assure the success of program implementation. The current study sought to explore the factors associated with patient preference in an ongoing randomized preference-based trial of Mindfulness-Based Cancer Recovery (MBCR) versus Tai Chi/qigong (TCQ) (the Mindfulness and Tai Chi/qigong in Cancer Health [MATCH] study).
Effects of Shuanghuanglian Oral Liquids on Patients With COVID-19: A Randomized, Open-Label
Li Ni et al.
Published on: 6/1/2021
We conducted a randomized, open-label, parallel-controlled, multicenter trial on the use of Shuanghuanglian (SHL), a traditional Chinese patent medicine, in treating cases of COVID-19. A total of 176 patients received SHL by three doses (56 in low dose, 61 in middle dose, and 59 in high dose) in addition to standard care. The control group was composed of 59 patients who received standard therapy alone. Treatment with SHL was not associated with a difference from standard care in the time to disease recovery.
Acupuncture for Acute Low Back Pain: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Xuan Su et al.
Published on: 5/31/2021
Acupuncture has been widely used for acute low back pain (LBP), yet there remains continued controversy regarding its efficacy. Therefore, we aimed to critically evaluate the evidence for acupuncture as an effective treatment for acute LBP.
Network-Level Functional Topological Changes after Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy in Mood
Kun Qin et al.
Published on: 5/29/2021
Given that psychopharmacological approaches routinely used to treat mood-related problems may result in adverse outcomes in mood dysregulated adolescents at familial risk for bipolar disorder (BD), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Children (MBCT-C) provides an alternative effective and safe option. However, little is known about the brain mechanisms of beneficial outcomes from this intervention. Herein, we aimed to investigate the network-level neurofunctional effects of MBCT-C in mood dysregulated adolescents.

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