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Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Based on Subgroup Differentiation as Adjunct Therapy

Sam Chun Sum Yuen, Ka Kit Chua, Linda L. D. Zhong et al. | Published on 3/13/2022
Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a prevalent and debilitating condition. Conventional medications cannot control all symptoms and may inflict adverse effects. A survey reported that Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) is frequently sought. Existing CHM trials were contradictory and often of poor quality due to lack of methodological rigor. A national clinical guideline was drafted in China with diagnostic criteria and treatment strategy of Chinese medicine (CM) patterns subgroups of PD. The suggested CHM were found to exhibit neuroprotective effect in in vitro and in vivo studies. This trial aims to preliminarily assess the effect of CHM prescribed based on pattern differentiation on PD symptoms and patients’ quality of life, and evaluate the feasibility of the trial design for a future large-scale trial. Read more here.

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