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Iranian Chapter


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The Iranian Chapter of the International Society for Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicine Research, ICISCMR, is a regional body of ISCMR in Iran, set up to represent all members in Iran. This chapter is organized by the Iranian Scientific Association of Traditional Medicine (ISATM). 


  1. ICISCMR will undertake activities through outreach to all its members, and which are in line with the purpose and goals of ISCMR. Member participation in activities is not obligatory
  2. ICISCMR will submit a report for the Annual General Meeting outlining its activities for the previous fiscal year. Any activities for the current year for which the chapter want international participation can be announced in the ISCMR newsletter.
  3. ICISCMR will contribute Chapter-specific content regularly to the Communications Committee for inclusion in ISCMR communications channels. 

Board of Directors

Mahmood Khodadoost, MD, PhD

Chair Elect
Mehdi Pasalar, MD, MPH, PhD



Babak Daneshfard, MD, PhD


Mojtaba Heydari, MD, PhD

Director at Large
Rasool Choopani, MD, PhD


* khodadost.m[at]

* pasalar[at]



* babakdaneshfard[at]

* mheydari[at]



* rchoopani[at]