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Skin Temperature of Acupoints in Health and Disease: A Systematic Review

EunMee Yang, Weidong Lu, Dennis Muñoz-Vergara et al. | Published on 6/1/2022
Despite substantial progress made in the field of acupuncture research, the existence and specificity of acupoints remain controversial. In recent years, the concept of acupoint sensitization has emerged as a theoretical framework for understanding acupoints as dynamic functional entities that are sensitized in pathological conditions. Based on this premise, some have claimed that specific acupoints are thermally distinct between healthy and clinical populations, but no systematic review has been conducted to synthesize and evaluate the quality of studies supporting such claims. In this review, we provide a summary and quality assessment of the existing literature addressing the question of whether changes in skin temperature at specific acupoints are indicative of pathological conditions. Read more here.

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