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Dietary Supplements to Reduce Symptom Severity and Duration in People with SARS-Cov-2: Study Protoco

Mark Legacy, Dugald Seely, Ellen Conte et al. | Published on 5/4/2022
COVID-19 has caused morbidity, hospitalisations and deaths worldwide. Despite four approved vaccines for COVID-19 in Canada, there is still a need for effective treatments, especially for people in the community. Vaccine efficacy is not 100% and long-term efficacy is still unknown. Furthermore, there are challenges to herd immunity including vaccine hesitancy and underlying conditions preventing vaccination. We aim to explore if the nutrients vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K2 and zinc are an effective treatment option for outpatients diagnosed with COVID-19. The primary outcome is the difference in participant-reported overall health; secondary outcomes include the effect on health status, symptom severity and duration, frequency and length of hospitalisations and mortality. Read more here.

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