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Exploring the Effects of Yoga Therapy on Heart Rate Variability and Patient-Reported Outcomes

Jennifer Brunet, Amanda Wurz, Julia Hussien et al. | Published on 5/19/2022
Following cancer treatment, adults commonly report worsened patient-reported outcomes (PROs) such as anxiety, stress, depression, persistent and upsetting cognitive complaints, unrelenting fatigue, and reduced quality of life. Poorer PROs are associated with disrupted autonomic nervous system functioning as measured by heart rate variability (HRV), both of which have been associated with greater morbidity and mortality. Interventions to improve HRV and PROs among adults following cancer treatment are needed. Yoga therapy holds promise as an intervention to improve HRV and PROs. Therefore, we conducted a single-subject exploratory experimental study to investigate the effects of yoga therapy on HRV and specific PROs (ie, cancer-related fatigue, anxiety, cognitive function, depression, stress, quality of life) in adults treated for cancer.  Read more here.

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