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Evidence-Based Practice Attitudes, Skills, and Usage Among Canadian Naturopathic Doctors: A Summary

Monique Aucoin et al.  | Published on 10/28/2021
Evidence-based practice (EBP) is a framework aimed at facilitating the delivery of best practice care. Despite documented benefits, many health professionals have expressed concerns about EBP. Naturopathic medicine has been cited as being in opposition to EBP; however, this is not supported by the evidence. In a recent cross-sectional Canadian survey of naturopathic doctors, respondents self-reported a moderate to high use of EBP and use of a range of sources of evidence to guide clinical decisions. Evidence-based practice skill was reported to be moderately high, and attitudes were predominantly positive. These findings are consistent with other research undertaken on the topic which has identified a shift towards embracing EBP. Canadian naturopathic doctors have indicated a high level of interest in improving their EBP skills, and we present an upcoming opportunity for skill development. Read more here.

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