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Trends in NHP Research: Prospects and Challenges of Next Generation NHPs

Cory Harris et al.  | Published on 1/31/2021
Modern Natural Health Products (NHPs) are medicinal dosage forms also known and regulated variously as Dietary Supplements, Phytomedicines and Complementary and Alternative Medicines in different countries. Related regulated food products include Medicinal Foods, Supplemented Foods, Functional Foods, and Nutraceuticals, while cannabis products are regulated separately. All of the above are derived from or inspired by natural products that have existed for millennia. Most have been developed through ancient medical systems (e.g. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda) and distinct indigenous cultures, which combine worldview, beliefs, practices, into “ways of knowing”. Others were identified or advanced through scientific discovery and biotechnology. Together, they have contributed—and will continue to contribute—to human health and economy at a global scale. Read more here.

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