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Effects of Essential Oils on Symptoms and Course (Duration and Severity) of Viral Respiratory Infect

Sebastian Prall et al.  | Published on 9/29/2020
Oral doses of certain essential oils may reduce symptoms of acute respiratory infections of viral origin. It is likely that the commercially available essential oil capsules Myrtol® (a mixture of essential oils of eucalyptus Eucalyptus globulus, sweet orange Citrus sinensis, myrtle Myrtus communis and lemon Citrus limonum) and Tavipec® (spike lavender Lavandula latifolia) could also provide mild to moderate symptom relief in patients with viral respiratory diseases. Myrtol® may also improve the course (duration and severity) of acute bronchitis of viral origin, in humans. Both products were well tolerated, with most of the mild to moderate side-effects affecting the gastrointestinal tract. This review found no research evidence describing the clinical effect of inhalation of essential oils for acute respiratory viral infections. Read more here.

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