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Creating a new SIG

Are you interested in creating a Special Interest Group?

Only members can submit requests to form a new SIG. If you are interested in creating and/or developing a Special Interest Group:

  1. Review the Requirements of all SIGs, below; a review of Item 48 and Appendix E of the Bylaws is recommended. 
  2. Review the Special Interest Group Application Form. Download it HERE.
  3. Contact the ISCMR Secretary to discuss your interest in establishing an SIG, and possible supportive actions such as a recruitment/awareness announcement in the NewsFlash.
  4. Complete the Special Interest Group Proposal Form, including the names of the 10 (or more) petitioners. Once completed, submit the Proposal Form by email to:

ISCMR Special Interest Group:

INCAM Special Interest Group:  

All Proposal Forms will be reviewed by the ISCMR or Chapter Executive. You will receive a response to your proposal with a final decision within 4 weeks of submitting the Proposal Form.

THE DETAILS: ISCMR or the Chapter will support SIGs in the following ways:

  • Work with the SIG Chair to create and maintain the webpage(s) dedicated to your SIG
  • Provision of an ISCMR email address specific to your SIG
  • Assist in developing and organizing of your SIG
  • Provide assistance to facilitate the organization and hosting of SIG meetings, events, or activities.

Requirements of all SIGs:

  • All members of a SIG have to be an ISCMR members; Chapter SIGs are additionally limited to members of their parent chapters
  • Any ISCMR member is able to join an ISCMR SIG, aside from the Chapter limitation.
  • The designated SIG Chairs will be responsible for communicating with the ISCMR or Chapter executives regarding the SIG.
  • SIGs are encouraged to be involved in some capacity in all local and international ISCMR or Chapter gatherings. This may include organizing a workshop, plenary session or a pre-symposium event or hosting a meeting and greet, as well as a face-to-face planning meeting for members. 
  • A minimum of 10 members must petition the ISCMR Board of Directors to form an SIG, and the SIG must maintain at least 10 active members to be viable. 

lf you have any questions about how to create or set up an SIG, please contact the ISCMR Secretary: