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Special Interest Groups — SIGs

What is an ISCMR Special Interest Group (SIG)?
A SIG is a sub-group of ISCMR members who share an interest in a particular research-related topic and who want to connect and collaborate on research-related projects. 

ISCMR Chapters
 may also have SIG groups, specific to, and for, the Chapter's members. See examples under the Canadian Chapter

What do ISCMR SIGs do?

The specific activities of the SIG are determined by the group in order to meet their group objectives. Here are some potential activity ideas:

journal clubs

research-related working groups

discussion meetings (for example, specific methodological approaches)

organize education/conference sessions or workshops (for the ICCMR Research Symposia)

support research interests and/or activities of CAM practitioners

ISCMR's position regarding Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

  1. ISCMR SIGs are meant to be a collaborative space where ISCMR members with a similar interest in a topic area can come together and work on a research-related project or activity.
  2. Although SIG members may be affiliated with other organizations (outside of ISCMR), the SIGs strive to be neutral with regards to political affiliation and, hence, inclusive of different perspectives in their work and activities.
  3. Since the SIGs are to enable ISCMR members to come together and collaborate on a specific project, activity etc., ISCMR recognizes that it is up to the SIG members to create inclusive parameters within which the group will be working. These will be clearly stated on the SIG's landing webpage.
  4. ISCMR's focus is on research. Therefore, the activities of the SIG are to be research specific, or research related. In addition, through these SIGs, ISCMR's interest first and foremost is in supporting high quality research across the range of professions and modalities labeled as "CAM", "CIM" (integrative medicine), and "traditional medicine".

Who can join a SIG
All SIGs are open to all ISCMR members.
SIGs are specific to, and for, that Chapter's members

Creating a new SIG

Members can create and develop a Special Interest Group by applying to the Board of Directors. Click here to learn more.

Current ISCMR SIGs: 

None at the moment. Propose one: see Creating a new SIG above.