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About Chapters

A Chapter is a regional body of ISCMR, set up to represent all members within that region. Society chapters may be organized and chartered in any region of sufficient professional activity to assure stability.

Purpose and Goals of a Chapter

  1. The Purpose of a Chapter is to actively pursue the Purpose of the Society, specific to the Chapter region.
  2. The Goals of a Chapter are to actively pursue the Goals of the Society and member expansion through activities specific to the Chapter region.
  3. Chapters may support Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for their members relevant to the goals of the Chapter.

Current Chapters

  • Canada: INCAM The Canadian SIGs are: East Asian Medicine, Homeopathy, Massage Therapy, Naturopathy, and Osteopathy
  • China
  • Iran

Formation of Chapters

Chapters may be formed using using the application process outlined in the Society Bylaws:

Item 14.2: A regional organization of 15 persons or more may apply to the Society for the granting of a charter to merge into ISCMR by submitting to the Secretary a petition for the formation of a new chapter body. Such a petition must be signed by all of the regional organization's Board of Directors (or equivalent). This will lead to the development of an Agreement, outlining the rights, duties, and process of dissolution as per the details of these bylaws. That agreement will be signed by the President of ISCMR and the President (or equivalent) of the regional organization, and witnessed by the ISCMR President Elect, and the second officer of the regional organization. Commentary on the development of Chapters is presented in Appendix C.

  1. If not in existence, any forming chapter is expected to set up a regional association with bylaws that include a board and voting structure, a financial accounting management system, and accountability to its members. ISCMR recommends compliance with local organizational laws regarding the existence of societies/non-profit/not-for-profit organizations.